Scope of Activities

Scope of Activities:-Statutory Compliance

01. Registration /Renewal/ Amendment under various applicable Acts.
02. Deposits of Government Dues within stipulated period.
03. Submission of Various returns as per provision of Act.
04. To ensure Display of ABSTRACTS all the time.
05. To ensure display of Notices all the time under various Laws.
06. To ensure maintenance of records/ registers as per Provision of Act.
07. To help/ support during inspections under the various Statutory Laws
08. To prepare & submit replies to various notices received from Labour & other related department.
09. Provide Notification/Circulars to Clients as & when issued by authority & suggest.
10. Support to clients in Internal Statutory Compliances Audit whenever required.
11. Generate detailed MIS Report for Clients
12. Handle EPFA tribunal matter

Scope of Activities:-Trust Management

01. Setup of Provident Fund/Superannuation & Gratuity Trust after recognition from PF & Income Tax authority.
02. Obtain Master Policy for Superannuation & Gratuity Trust from any Insurance Agency.
03. Monthly/Annual Compliances with concerned authority.
04. Obtain Actuarial Valuation report from Insurer.
05. Process settlement/Loan/Death/transfer cases of employees.
06. TDS Deduct on settlement of claim if applicable.
07. Liaison with Insurer & RPFC for Employees Claim.
08. Prepare Financials of Trust on yearly basis & support in audit.
09. Filling TDS & Income Tax Return of Trust on or before due date.
10. Issue of Form-16 to eligible employees on or before due date.
11. Provide Helpdesk support for employees Queries if required.
12. Draft Minutes of the Meeting as per Provision of the Act.
13. Generate Complete MIS Report & Provide to Clients on monthly basis or as per Clients requirement.